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Q: What is ROR?

A: ROR is a rapidly growing XML format for describing any object of your content in a generic fashion, so any search engine can better understand that content. You can think of your ROR feed as a powerful structured feed for describing all your objects to the search engines: products, services, reviews, discounts, images, events, schedule, podcasts, anything you want.

Q: How is ROR different from Google Sitemaps?
A: ROR was created before Goolge Sitemaps, as a way to describe website information for the search engines. ROR is much more than Google Sitemaps, it does not only help describe your sitemap, but also products, services, feeds, articles, reviews, archives, and much more bjects. Also, ROR Sitemaps are automatically readable by all search engines, including Google.

Q: How is ROR different from Google Base?
A: ROR was created before Google Base. But unlike Google Base, ROR is for all search engines, not just one. Any search engine can find your ROR information using this scheme:

Q: What is a ROR feed (ror.xml)?
A: A ROR feed is an XML file for describing your content to the search engines (products, servives, reviews, classified ads, job listing, anything you want). The main ROR feed is usually named ror.xml and located in the main (or top) directory of your website (in the same directory as your index.htm file).

Q: Can I call my ROR feed something other than ror.xml?
A: Yes, of course. The name ror.xml is just the default name; that's where search engines look by default. If they don't find it there they look for a <link> tag in your main page (between the <head> and </head> tags):

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"
 title="ROR" href="" />

Note: Alternatively you can simply create a tiny ror.xml file and use it to tell the search engines the real location of your ROR feed. To do this, use the "seeAlso" property:

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:ror="">
      <title>Your Site Name</title>

Q: How do I create a ROR feed?
A: Just use the ROR Feed Generator or the ROR Sitemap Generator. These tools make it very easy to create a ROR feed. If you have a Froogle feed or Yahoo Shopping feed, you can generate a ROR feed from either of them using the ROR Feed Generator. Or you can also ask a ROR provider to create a ROR feed for you. All the details about the ROR format can be found in the ROR specification.

Q: What is the difference between a ROR Feed and a ROR Sitemap?

A: A ROR Sitemap is simply a special type of ROR feed, a feed that provides sitemap information to the search engines.

Q: Is ROR free?

A: On most websites, including this one, you will be able to create a ROR feed for free. Some websites will also provide help for creating ROR feeds for a small fee (see our ROR providers page).

Q: Who is behind ROR?

A: ROR is an independant format lead by The ROR team is working with several companies in defining new object types and attributes for everyone to use.

Q: How do I add the ROR feed (ror.xml) to my website?

A: Just upload (ftp) the file like any other file into the main (or top) directory of your website (in the same directory as the index.htm file).

Q: Who uses ROR?
A: ROR is spreading very fast. There are currently tens, if not hundreds, of thousands website using ROR. Here are just a few of them.

Q: How can I become a ROR provider?
A: If you want to add ROR tools on your website, or include ROR in your offerings, you can become a ROR provider here.

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