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The ROR Feed Generator makes it very easy to generate a ROR feed for your website with any type of object you want in it (products, services, articles, events, classifieds, reviews, etc). This tool is free, and you can re-distribute it to anyone!


Download it !     ( version 1.0.3)

The tool provides an help dialog explaining how to first create a tab-delimited text file with your objects information (products, services, reviews, etc) using a spreadsheet, or from a database.

Note: if you have a Yahoo or Froogle product feed, this tool can generate a ROR feed from it automatically.

Here are some sample text files. Download them and open them in Excel. To download any of these files, click on it and select 'File - > Save As' in your Browser's menu.

- Products text file
- Events text file
- Reviews text file

Once your text file is ready, you can use the ROR Feed Generator to generate the ROR feed. All you need to do then is upload your feed to your website and submit it here.

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