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ROR is a rapidly growing XML format for describing the structures and objects of websites (sitemap, contact, products, articles, blogs, feeds, images, reviews, etc) in a generic fashion, so search engines can understand them better.

If you are an ISP, web design, web hosting, blogs, or content management companies; web marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO) firms; web store, shopping cart, or e-commerce providers, etc, this is ideal for you.

To become a ROR Provider you can either add the ROR Feed Generator or the ROR Sitemap Generator on your site, or generate ROR Sitemaps for your customers as part of your services. You can charge them for this service or offer it for free. To add the ROR Sitemap Generator to your website, just copy the code at the bottom of this page

In any case let us know. All approved providers will be listed on our ROR Providers page.

If you own a search engine and would like to increase the size and quality of your index by reading ROR Feeds or ROR Sitemaps, contact us. We will provide you with scripts to parse ROR files.

We are currently working with several software companies and developers, and integrating ROR into their products and services. Stay tuned for some announcements soon. If you or your company are interested in such opportunities, contact us at the address below.

Email us at this address: info at

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